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fast times on pecan lane

If my life got any more exciting I'd have to hire somebody to keep up with my daily planner. For the third Friday night in a row I find myself facing piles of dirty laundry with the dogs and Mich Ultra to keep me entertained while sorting. Off this weekend with nada to do except work in the yard tomorrow if the weather turns out to be as glorious as predicted following a full week of steady rain. There's a halloween party up at the kudzu bar tonight but I ain't feeling QUITE that rowdy so it's me and the canines partying again at Casa Poops.

Ya'll had your flu shot yet? It amazes me how many folks don't get 'em who are literally surrounded by the evil virus ( like several of my co-workers ) thinking they won't get the flu. Then when their ass gets dog sick for two weeks I get to keep working while they snuggle in the bed with fever guzzling Theraflu. Hmmm. Actually, I'm not so sure it wasn't the flu that I had a few weeks ago and referred to as the "dove flu". There was very little fever, but DAMN I was sick for a long time. Thought I was gonna have to go on a ventilator for a while there. Shortly after I recovered, my friend at work, the little general, got it and all I could do was say "bless your heart" every time I looked at her. I certainly felt her pain in a very real way.

So, I'm waiting for the Rockies to pull a rabbit out of their baseball hats for an old friend of mine who followed his star and moved out there last year. He's been in seclusion for some time ooohhing and aaahhing over the mountains but I heard he might show his face again soon. We shall see.

Enough time has passed that I can laugh about the day from hell at work last Saturday but it took an entire week. Reported to work at 6AM knowing that the computer system was scheduled down from 1A to 8A for an "upgrade." Fine...we had a downtime plan that works pretty good when everybody is on the same page. Eight AM came and went. As did nine and ten. Finally at 10:30 the system comes back up and we're scurrying around trying to get all the work stations ready so we can enter all the results of what we did for the past nine hours. Then the power goes out and we flip over to generator. WTF?? It's out all over town, we're told. Tree fell somewhere and tore some shit up. *take a deep breath, hon* Nothing is on generator in the way of communication...fax or copy, computers....just the instruments and a stray light or two. Power comes back up about 45 minutes later, rinse lather and repeat with the reboots. Finally! Then...power goes out again. I can't type what I said then but my mama would be embarrassed, if you know what I mean. By this time I remember that one of the instruments has an error message that MUST be tended to by calling tech support. Nah..it can wait until we get the crap caught up. Moving right along with heads down and fingers flying, someone comes to me and says "Uh...she said to come get you..she's having another "spell." I go to the waiting room to find the phlebotomist puking her guts up while I gag trying to help her from a distance. I knew there was a reason I'm not a nurse! Call tech support on the instrument and get instructions on how to change yet another part that I didn't know existed. Anyway, that was then and this is now.

And thank Big Ernie that:

1. It's Friday.
2. There's a cold beer to my left.
3. Faith isn't snoring too loud.

How's that for gratitude.

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