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housecats in heat and climbing the water tower

The howling just never ceases with Lily the cat who is woman...hear her roar! I'm beginning to think she just likes the attention..ya know? Me 'n BG watched her climb yet another tree this afternoon after I got home from you-know-where. It was NOT a good day to be an old gal wearing cheap tennis shoes on concrete floors for nine hours. By the time Hank came on the teevee, I was ready to consider a career in propane.

To decompress, I walked the yard with a beer, noticing the newest sprouts and calling 'em by name. There was some nice background noise from the birds..saw a woodpecker and lotso crows plus a handfull of fat doves. Dang...I adore the way they coo at nobody in particular. It's a joyful song, even though sometimes it sounds sort of sad. Kind of like life, I guess.

Me and my friend Meanie went up to the nursery on a mission today to draw some blood from a baby and we failed miserably, even with the help of a real nurse. RT came to the rescue and all was well. Meanie is mom to a booger jawed infant herself by the name of Izzie...short for Sara Isabella. The RT hero has not one but two beautiful daughters and a hunky hub. It's always good when somebody you can count on has your back at the sawmill.

Remember Diva and Punkin ? Another co-worker reads the poop occasionally and had something to share with me the other day. It seems that my description hit a nerve and she confessed that Diva is her cousin of the black sheep variety. Lawd...the girl has a name and all! I still prefer to think of her as Diva, though. It just suits her spandex mini-skirt self better than Nicole. I gotta wonder what's on her IPod that brings so much joy to her voices.

How 'bout those brackets ya'll? I do so love me some down to the nut-cuttin' basketball action particularly when two home teams are still scrapping. It's March and it's mad. Gotta love it, even if you're not a betting sort of gal. Anything can happen and that's what I love about it.

I'm outta here. Ya'll sleep well, and if you can't? Get some dawgs to snuggle with.
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