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coming out
I just had to return to my blogging roots to finish carry on what I started many years ago as a ghost writer. That was about the time that things started getting difficult around here what with all the challenges that accompany living in a world where life's a bitch and then you marry one or die trying. As usual, I see the glass as half full, dung beetles and all. Scientists call this "too bad". Others say "and so it goes". I reckon it depends on who you're talking to. I wish I had the answer to all of the woes in today's world, but alas I'm just an overworked middle aged woman recovering from pneumonia. I could probably get worker's comp for that considering how much I sneeze and snot up there in my little corner of the sawmill, but that just adds insult to injury and Erin Brockovich isn't available to represent me so, there you go. Somebody's got to pay the utility bill.

It's a beautiful day in the hood, if I say so myself. The dogs have knocked themselves out running through the dirt and chasing their tails. Mama got her hair did way off schedule today and looked beautiful when I picked her up after. We made a stop at the chicken store to get daddy some lunch before heading toward the red log cabin. He could have had a pot pie but what the hay..he got fried chicken tenders instead. Tomorrow is church day so he'll be back up in the choir singing his little heart out while mama snoozes. He was raised up Baptist but converted to Methodist when he married her so that's where I was taught about the spirit and giving it room to work. That can just be such a hard thing at times.

I remember, once upon a time, having the audacity to stand up in a SS class attempting to talk about faith. I didn't have much of a clue about the biblical roots of that particular way of thinking at the time. I have learned since then that it's all about believing in things not seen but hoped for. Things like world peace and positive outcomes and new life. Today is supposedly the end of the world but I'm not really worried about it because I'm thinking that there's mansions in heaven and one of 'em has my name on it. A life well lived with good intentions is all it takes to be a sheep instead of a goat. If I'm wrong, I'll see ya'll in hell.

Here's a tip to everybody in flood zone: always apply mosquito repellent before venturing outside this year. And got the love of God, get everybody some heartworm meds before it's too late. I hear that the latest "war on" is all about bugs.
slow boat to figi
I think I've said just about all there is to say here ^j^
baptized by fire
As if on cue for the season, our breakroom conversations at the sawmill have taken a distinct turn toward the spiritual side of things this week. Hours have been cut with all of the chaos involved therein, so the opportunity to sit and have a meaningful discussion is at a premium. We are Baptist/Methodist/Church of Christ/Pentecostal + many more variations of the Christian church. Our common demoninator is a belief in the eternal easter gift from Big Ernie that came in an tomb rather than a basket full of plastic eggs. I was fascinated to find that several of them had never heard of the ritual of getting ashed on this particular hump day following the big party on the Gulf Coast. Go figure.
* * *
My nephew, whom we shall discreetly call AT, is THE cutest baby I've ever laid eyes on, except for Babygirl, of course. Okay, we'll call it a tie. His long black hair stands straight up in the middle, mohawk style, giving the appearance of a troll doll in overalls with a great big smile, shining blue eyes and a side order of dimples. I miss him already.
* * *
I had every intention of listening to each and every word of President Obama's speech last night but fatigue won out when all the wannabes paraded out to be announced. I did get a kick when Ruth Ginsburg joined the party, looking wise as ever. Radicals just wear my old ass out, no matter which side they're on. Must be the hippie in me.
* * *
Daddy called for a Mylanta pickup this afternoon so I killed two birds with one stone and did a little grocery shopping. As I headed toward the dairy section I spotted an elderly woman intently studying the yogurt and sour cream with a big black smudge on her forehead. I recognized it immediately and realized once again that all you have to do is show up and let the big guy do the rest.

Keep the faith ^j^
little moments
For as long as I live, I will never forget the look of pure bliss on my mother's face when she held her five month old grandson this morning for the first time. He and his mom and dad live in Virginia so this is the first chance they've had to travel to Tennessee with him. The surprised us by being at the restaurant where we showed up for late breakfast after early church. He got passed all around and there were smiles and giggles. Immediately when he landed in mom's lap, he laid his head on her shoulder like he knew he was with grandma at last. That's when my tears started streaming. The nice thing about being a middle aged gal is that you don't care what people think when you do that sort of thing. Heh.

Bubba just stopped by and we went out to bottle feed an orphan calf. The poor little guy held out for a bit while Bubba wrestled him to the ground but once he started bawling I stuck the bottle up in his mouth and away he went. Chow time for his first taste of milk in a month! Just call me cowgirl Poops.

BG and friend spent their morning going through old photos and making a collage and scrapbook for her dad. She handed me one that was taken twenty years ago, a much younger tanner blonder version of who I am today. Her comment was this: "Put this on your dresser and tell youself every day how beautiful you are."

Will do sugar. Will do.

muddy paws and double fried
It is wet and cool and quite dreary here on Pecan Lane. Good day to stay inside and play listening to the rain fall on my newly planted salad. yum.yum. BG is off on a mission to find dresses for a friend's wedding and the other roommate is fixing stuff. Some kind dude at the auto parts place put my new wipers on in the drenching rain. Life is good.

Daddy and I met with his neurologist yesterday and there seemed to be not much change. It appears that having the burden of being "the one in charge" lifted from him has settled him down where he can enjoy life. There's always a blessing, if you look close enough. The new grandboy will pay his first visit in the next few days. Can ya'll just imagine what a hugfest that will be??

We watch the food channel almost 24/7 and experimented the other night with the double fried technique on 'taters. It was fantastic...lots of crunchies.

Talked with my old friend Hoss yesterday and he's still kicking. He kind of forgot who I was until I reminded him about us getting stuck in the mud and me leaving him there to die. *snort*

Peace out. Call 'yo momma. Keep the faith ^j^
my new tub
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